Language Workshop

Bespoke Education Service Team are now

offering Language Workshops

Who would benefit from attending a Language Workshop?


Primary aged children who are:

  • Under-achieving, especially in reading and writing.

  • Keen to succeed.

  • Experiencing difficulties with learning.

  • Making slow progress.

  • Unhappy in their current learning situation.

  • Feeling a sense of anxiety or failure.


Secondary aged young people who are:

  • Struggling with the curriculum.

  • Need extra support in GCSEs such as English language or literature.

  • Extension work to improve predicted grades.


Parents who want:

  • Their children to achieve learning success.

  • To encourage their child to be happy and confident in their learning.

  • Their child to receive individual / small group tuition.

  • To ease their child’s learning anxieties.

  • To benefit from expert guidance from professionals.

  • A truly professional, individualised service.


How does Language Workshop operate?

Initially an assessment is undertaken to determine the nature and depth of a young person’s needs. This determines the level of intervention that is specific and relevant to that young person especially with regard to extension work. This assessment and its implications are fully discussed with you.


At this point you will be advised about the probable number of attendances you child will require and the costs involved. The decision to proceed or not is then yours.  If you accept, your child will be allocated weekly sessions of approximately one hour in length, to pursue a specific, individualised programme of learning.


What are the benefits of Language Workshop?

  • Experienced staff, well qualified teachers, including dyslexia trained.

  • An improvement in a child’s education through an individualised programme of learning which is prepared and monitored by an experienced team of professional teachers.

  • To relieve the stress and anxiety of learning for your child and to provide a sense of achievement and personal success.

  • Being kept fully updated on your child’s learning progress.

There really is no need for your child to struggle with learning.  

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