Effect Of COVID-19 On Education And Tutoring Businesses

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Effect Of COVID-19 On Education And Tutoring Businesses

The global education system and the tutoring industry have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has affected pupils and students of all ages as during lockdown and beyond, they have been unable to access education in the physical environment of the classroom. It has affected children’s education in nearly every country in the world. It has also compelled governments, schools, colleges and universities worldwide to pivot and consider new ways of delivering education in an attempt to try and keep our children engaged and learning in these difficult circumstances.

As the world has not seen a global pandemic of this scale during this century, no country has been prepared for the subsequent consequences. There has been no tried and tested backup plan to replace the traditional face to face teaching in an education setting. Hereby enter the tutoring industry. This area of knowledge and expertise is playing a crucial role in catering for the loss that has occurred during this pandemic. In addition, the impact of COVID-19 on online tuition systems is observed in many regions around the world including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and UK. UK companies are making a significant contribution to improve and encourage the growth of the tutoring market. Billions of pupils and students are affected by educational establishment closures and private tuition has been critical in plugging the gaps in the system to prevent young people from falling even further behind.

COVID-19 Pandemic as a Boom/Challenge for Tutoring Businesses

COVID-19 has contributed to a boom in the demand for tutoring particularly where these companies are looking for geographical expansion of their services. Where students are not able to leave their homes, remote tuition classes are providing invaluable learning experiences for pupils and students by offering online tuition in all core subject areas from primary age to year 12.

Online tuition business insiders are ready to deliver online classes to children alongside face-to-face learning as lockdown eases. But, here the major factor is to make online classes accessible to all – currently, it is necessary to grow education equalities. As lockdown has widened the gap between those with and without technology, still there is a challenge for teachers to attract each one of those pupils and students who are experiencing disadvantages in accessing online learning due to lack of technology. Unfortunately, many are still not able to access online tutoring. If tutoring businesses are to support or even replace traditional schooling during periods of lockdown, governments need to ensure that it is accessible for every young person by providing the technology and support for those that need it the most.

Private tutoring businesses can help combat gaps in learning by providing solid foundations

Online tutoring classes can supplement traditional in-person teaching to help combat learning access. Education systems and governments are creating a huge opportunity to place a foundation of e-tutoring platforms to prevent the repercussions of this pandemic, as well as future global events.

Attendance and engagement: To increase outcomes of online tutorial classes, tuition providers focus on high levels of student attendance. This helps to establish trusted relationships with pupils, students and their parents. Young people can’t learn if they are not consistently attending education, it is therefore crucial to engage them in a different way of learning. Missing learning the foundations of any subject, will result in a lack of understanding at a more advanced level.

Private tutoring can adopt practical learning strategies and approaches to motivate those who have fallen behind during the pandemic. By working with experienced and knowledgeable teachers, we can ensure that students are fully engaged and offer them the support that they need regardless of whether the delivery method is in person, online or blended.

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