john wayne movies ranked

john wayne movies ranked

What are your thoughts on the top 10 John Wayne movies?
Wayne stars as a co-pilot in this 1933 film. That gig didn’t last long, however, as it took just three years for Morrison to snag his first lead role in 1930’s “The Big Trail”. You picked the best…at # 1; But I just love, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” it has ethos/character that you can feel and embrace, but only hope to live up to.

In 1955’s “Blood Alley,” Wayne plays an American Merchant Captain, who gets locked up in a Chinese prison after his ship is seized. It was nominated for six Academy Awards. The film depicts a range of historic events like the Civil War, the Gold Rush, and the building of the railroads. According to IMDb, Wayne appeared in no less than 177 movies over the course of his career. In 1936’s “Winds of the Wasteland,” two former Pony Express riders (one played by Wayne) race against a stagecoach driver for a lucrative government subsidy.

Ranking John Wayne movies from worst to first Before he was one of Hollywood’s most bankable and iconic western movie stars, actor John Wayne was a USC lineman named Marion Morrison . Playing the role of Bijou is actress Marlene Dietrich, who would later star with Wayne in two more films. Blood Alley In the film, Wayne plays a rancher named Wil Anderson, who embarks on a cattle drive with the help of inexperienced cowhands. Maybe more entertaining, but very enjoyable, I am 40 years old and I idolize The Duke because my grandfather loved his movies and some of my best memories were sitting with him as he explained the movies to me. John died (1979) of the same disease, as he did in his last movie.

Initially helming the adventure flick was director Michael Curtiz of “Casablanca” fame.

While he had hits in a wide range of genres, he is best known as the macho h… After striking gold in Alaska, a man named George sends his partner Sam back to Seattle to retrieve George’s girlfriend. Worried about the message that might send, Hardy was initially reluctant to star. I am happy to see McQ didn’t make the cut. you best get started watching the rest.

Will they prove their innocence and get their revenge?

And I agree with McQ — John Wayne was good at a specific genre of movies and when he ventured out it never turned out well. I can’t believe “Red River” didn’t make it. I wasn’t a big fan of John Wayne, but loved The Searchers, The man who shot Liberty Valance and The three Godfathers. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. However, it ranks as number seven in my list solely because the plot was much too weighty and I did not enjoy being sad during a John Wayne movie. I watch John movies at least once or twice a week and now my young children watch them with me!!! Part of the film was shot on location in Ireland, with glorious hues of Technicolor green to show for it. This was the first film to see Wayne taking on the role of producer, albeit an uncredited one (at the time). So why is Michelin still obsessing about star rating? New Yorker Molly J. Truesdale boards a bus to find out about life in the American West.

Known for being a casual womanizer, he is challenged by another courtier to woo the beautiful Roxalanne. American actor, director, and producer John Wayne (1907–1979) began working on films as an extra, prop man and stuntman, mainly for the Fox Film Corporation.He frequently worked in minor roles with director John Ford and when Raoul Walsh suggested him for the lead in The Big Trail (1930), an epic Western shot in an early widescreen process called Fox Grandeur, Ford vouched for him.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Wayne would fracture two ribs and dislocate his shoulder during the shoot, none of which stopped him from finishing the job.

Making things all the more dangerous is a vicious hurricane and a deadly 50-foot squid. Marshal Rooster Cogburn, who agrees to help a teenage girl track down her father’s killer.

1936’s “Sea Spoilers” sees Wayne playing a Coast Guard commander, whose bravery and intelligence is put to the test after a group of seal poachers kidnap his girlfriend.

It’s suspenseful, humorous, and has plenty of shooting and horses–everything a western should have.

I am a big fan of the western especially John Wayne western,but for some reason my two favorites of his are not western. Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, Crawford tried to seduce Wayne behind the scenes, showing up on set in an American cowboy outfit, borrow a number of conventions from the Western genre, at a time when Wayne’s reputation as an actor was on the rise, iconic lines: “This town ain’t big enough to hold the two of us.”, would work together on no less than six films, first film Wayne made for Universal Studios, 7.5” Peacemaker strapped to the side of his leg, “awful stinker,” saying that his character was “rather dull”, famously deferred from the draft on numerous occasions, reportedly still fairly difficult to work with, plays a spectator during a steeplechase scene, Hollywood’s most enduring and rewarding collaborations, some of them had a few bones to pick with Wayne over his draft deferments, numerous arguments with Wayne behind the scenes over his support of the Vietnam War, director and actor frequently butted heads during the shoot, referring to the director as a “Commie” who duped him into the role, fracture two ribs and dislocate his shoulder during the shoot, final collaboration between Wayne and director John Ford, prompting Wayne himself to take over (uncredited) directing duties, Billy the Kid would ultimately betray Chisum, Roger Ebert thought the movie failed to capitalize on its built-in momentum and A-list talent, reportedly wanted to make the film since 1945, covered his entire tuition, a whopping $280, second highest grossing 3-D movie of the 1950s, Freddie Kennedy suffered a fatal injury after falling off a horse during the shoot, cast underwent three days of intense military training by the toughest drill instructor the director could find, Patrick played his son in the film, his other (much younger) son Ethan played his grandson, secure him financing for a different film (“The Quiet Man”) and that the company allow him to cast Wayne in the lead role, was in great pain as he was battling cancer for the first time, Preminger would label Wayne as an “ideal professional.”, TV spin-off that starred Robert Carradine that lasted one season, one and only win for Best Actor at the Academy Awards, later admitted to wearing three-inch lifts for the part, film was special because it exposed a more subtle and complicated side to his cowboy persona, making it the most expensive black-and-white film of its time, watched “Stagecoach” 40 times while making “Citizen Kane.”, direct (and manly) rebuttal to Gary Cooper’s, enamored with the role of Ethan Edwards that he named one his children John Ethan Wayne, squeezes an extra .1 out of its IMDb user rating. Or maybe your just too young to know about some of his other G R E A T movies that even critics sed he SHUD have been nominated for an Oscar, LONG B4 True Grit. In 1966’s “Cast a Giant Shadow,” Wayne stars in a supporting role alongside fellow A-list alpha males Kirk Douglas and Frank Sinatra. This is the better version of Rio Bravo.

McClintock! Suffice to say, the man retained a formidable work ethic from one decade to the next, resulting in not just some of Hollywood’s most classic westerns, but some of its best films, period. Packing in laughs alongside suspenseful action scenes, this is a classic family western movie.

He accepts it and sets out to charm the lady, but instead finds himself in love with her. However, it would take him 9 more years before achieving iconic Hollywood fame. A remake starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger was released in 2010. It has all the great components of a western.

Produced by noted aviator Howard Hughes, 1951’s “Flying Leathernecks” follows a squadron of Marine fliers as they do battle in World War II. Just watched Quiet Man again. Helping him pull it off is a former enemy named Lomax (played by Douglas), who had shot Jackson five years earlier. This relatively standard Western was directed by Joseph Kane, who churned out numerous films yearly for Republic Pictures in the1930s and 40s. In the film, Wayne’s character leads a wagon train from the Mississippi River to the West Coast.

Directed by John Ford, 1928’s “Four Sons” features an uncredited appearance from Wayne (then Marion Morrison) as a police officer.

4. Your top 10 list are all good John Wayne movies.

Starring opposite Wayne is actress Katherine Ross, who had numerous arguments with Wayne behind the scenes over his support of the Vietnam War.

Stagecoach. The same year he made “The Spoilers,” Wayne also starred in “Reap the Wild Wind” from director Cecil B. DeMille. This film has kind of the same plot as El Dorado in that the sheriff is a drunk and all the men end up hiding out in the jail with a dangerous criminal that a group of outlaws want freed. Meanwhile, ruthless cattle rustlers are waiting for the right time to strike. He was also nominated under ‘Best Actor’ category for ‘Sands of Iowa Jima’ in 1949.

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