1-2-1 Tuition

Tuition 1-2-1 (Online and Face to Face)


Everyone finds exams and tests stressful, and if your child could do with some extra support, our teachers have a proven track record of providing first class tuition in their subject/s specialism.  Our teachers have the ability to help your child to achieve their true potential, which could mean moving up a set in school or a grade higher than predicted at GCSE.  They are all DBS checked, registered with the Education Workforce Council and up to date with Child Protection training.


These sessions are currently only being held online due to COVID-19.  We will conduct an initial assessment to ascertain your child’s needs and which teacher will be best suited to work with them.  Whether it’s homework support or additional subject support, our teachers will be able to help.  All teachers are experienced at working with pupils with disabilities and those who have additional learning needs.  


We are happy to liaise with school staff to ensure we are all working towards the same goals thus ensuring your child gets the most out of tuition.  All of our teachers are fully qualified and have recently worked in either primary or secondary schools.


We have a full range of range of subject specialist teachers who can provide tuition covering all the new specifications:


  • Maths and Numeracy

  • English Language and Literature

  • Science

  • Languages

  • Humanities


This list is not exhaustive.


When we say 1-2-1 tuition, that’s exactly what we mean.  No other pupils for the teacher to focus their attention on, just your child.



Online:  £29.17 per hour


Face to face:  £32.07 per hour