Group Tuition

Small Group Tuition (Online and Face to Face)

Small group tuition is also on offer after school hours to enhance a pupil’s level of attainment in English, Maths and Science. Support can be offered at any level whether it is preparing for GCSEs or the National Reading and Numeracy Tests, to increase understanding of subject matter.  ​

Groups consist of either 2, 3 or 4 pupils and run for 1 hour via Zoom, Whats App, Teams etc.  The more pupils in the group, the cheaper it is for parents.

We will conduct an initial assessment to ascertain your child’s needs and which teacher will be best suited to work with them. Whether it’s homework support or additional subject support, our teachers will be able to help.  All teachers are experienced at working with pupils with disabilities and those who have additional learning needs.

Whilst we appreciate the importance and relevance of computers in todays society, our lessons are fully interactive.  Our teachers do not ask your child to work off a computer program whilst they are conducting the lesson.  They are constantly learning with the teacher and others in the group.  Groups will be constructed by ability levels irrespective of age.

We are happy to liaise with school staff to ensure we are all working towards the same goals.  All of our teachers are fully qualified and have recently worked in either primary or secondary schools.

Online Cost:  

Group of 2 pupils = £20.50 per pupil / per hour inc VAT

Group of 3 pupils = £15 per pupil / per hour inc VAT

Group of 4 pupils = £13.50 per pupil / per hour inc VAT

Cost for face to face group tuition TBC.